Weekend on Lake Constance

Have I mentioned that we have the best neighbors? Not only are they always ready to help us with anything from gardening, to checking our mail, to ordering an eighth of a veal for us, they also have discerning taste when it comes to restaurants and hotels. Looking for a memorable way to celebrate our anniversary, Elise remembered a recommendation from Kurt and Sonja for a great place on Lake Constance. We were not disappointed.

I don’t think that we have been on Lake Constance since my parent’s first came to visit together many years ago. Although the weather was a bit overcast this time around, we were still able to enjoy hikes along the shores of the lake. And the hotel itself was outstanding and the restaurant and its service impeccable. It was definitely old school, with the clientele averaging well above pensioner age. Though slightly reminiscent of the Mosel in that respect, the cuisine was definitely haute though classic. Six courses of pure pleasure with everything local and seasonal. Add to that a trip to a schnapps distiller that was also recommended by Kurt plus touring a couple of cloisters and it was a fantastic weekend. Another place to add to our go-to list of escape destinations.

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