Weekend in Amsterdam

Everyone keeps asking me, “what are you doing for vacation this summer?” Well, we haven’t had a proper vacation, but we just spent a very welcome, long weekend in Amsterdam relaxing.

After the trip to Portugal in the spring we decided to keep any summer activity low-key. A nice, relaxing weekend was all we wanted and it was what we got in Amsterdam.

After a somewhat unpleasant start of having our backpack stolen on the train outside of Cologne, we fully enjoyed ourselves. Once we repurchased everything that was in the backpack that is. By the way, to the sack of shit that stole our backpack: congratulations on your new possessions:

  • One digital camera
  • One dog leash
  • One dog leash (extensible)
  • One dog water bottle
  • One bag of dog food

Way to go on your choice of profession.  With hauls like this you are really going places in life.

Really, we couldn’t care less about the camera since we had another pocket camera in our other bag for the weekend and a person can always buy a replacement. However, finding a pet store open after six on a weekday in Amsterdam was not happening. This made for a rather entertaining improvisational solution to walking the dog that evening. Once we found a pet store the next day, all was plain sailing. And all the activities we planned to do, sort of fell by the wayside amongst all the relaxing. Really, I am sure that the Anne Frank house will be there for the next visit. The real treat was meeting a a customer-cum-friend Inge, who lives in Amsterdam, and having her give us a personal walking tour of her city and enjoying dinner far from the tourist beaten path. Thanks for the hospitality Inge and for samples of your whisky collection, Jeff. Now you can stop bugging me about when we are coming to Amsterdam.

Although we are already planning a longer trip next year.

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  1. It was fun to spend the day with your three! So, let me know when next time is, maybe we can go for a bicycle tour – including a basket for Heidi of couse! That will make for some great picture opportunities:-)

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