Weekend Escape

Spring was fantastic but summer has been less impressive. And with living apart sometimes giving the perception of the weeks grinding on seemingly without end, we decided that it was time for a break, if only for the weekend. Perception is reality after all.

Even if it was only for a weekend, we knew we needed to do something different to break up the routine. Some colleagues of Elise made some recommendations for hotels in Alsace, but we wanted to meet more in the middle some place dog friendly. With some research, Elise found a great place in the village of Hinterzarten near Freiburg in the high Black Forest.

We had a relaxing weekend of hiking, wellness, and fabulous food. And getting there was fun too. We have driven through Höllental (literally Hell Valley) several times before, but to get to Hinterzarten we met on the train and were able to enjoy the Höllentalbahn (Hell Valley Railway) with its fabulous views, bridges, and tunnels. Okay, so I am a train geek.

And though we had a great weekend, it will not be able to replace our regular Black Forest haunt. For examples see photos here, here, here, and here.

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