Water of Life


Aqua vitae

Eau de vie

Wasser des Lebens

Whisky has always been somewhat mysterious to me (read the blog post here). There is something romantic and almost ethereal how such simple ingredients can be crafted into such a complex spirit. And although I am also a lover of wine and likewise appreciate its complexities, whisky is the definition of simplicity: malt, yeast, and water.

I claim to be no expert on whisky. You will find minimal talk here about the peatiness of the malts used or the manner in which the casks were aged. And you will certainly not find any kind of absurd rating system. What I wish to accomplish here is simply to document the whiskies I have purchased. Just like enjoying a wonderful, new dish and later not being able to remember what it was called or exactly what was in it, it is a real shame to forget the whiskies one has tried or how one liked them.

This is my goto list when I am itching to buy a new bottle or try something new. Maybe it will give me some direction. Maybe it will just empty my pocketbook.

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