Vella Redux

It has been an historically hot and dry summer across most of Europe. The record in Switzerland for the longest run of sunny, dry days since records were kept was shattered. Even the cool evenings one could normally count on to air out the house and refresh one’s self for the next day started to grow warmer and warmer. It was time for a break, and Elise planned a weekend getaway to the mountains the escape the heat as well as the ever-present existential dread of the real-world consequences of climate change. Just for the weekend, mind you.

We met our friends, David and Louisa, there who had told us about Vella to begin with. Gusti was excited to spend the weekend with his best friend, Carrot, and we all enjoyed some fantastic hikes through the Rhine gorge and the valley near Vella. It was a great break from the heat and a lovely time with friends.

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