Tenerife 2015

So we were a bit lazy this year with the vacation planning and decided to go with what we know works: Tenerife. And I’d say we were justified in our apathy with a rather eventful first half of the year with moving back in together and my new job. The trip was as always a wonderful respite and it was great to see some new sights and sample some wine from a vintner.

The weather was great, the people friendly, the landscape beautiful, and food and wine delicious. And despite having such a great time, Elise is usually wont to plan the next vacation before the current one is finished. This trip was no exception with us booking hotels and trying to firm up plans for my parents’ trip to visit us in September. However this time she outdid herself and we were also discussing what to do with our vacation next year as well.

And yes, you read that correctly, my folks are coming in September. It took them a couple of years to make it back, but they are coming.

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