Elise and I are in agreement that this past winter was particularly long. It was at least in the perceived length if not actual length. Given that we are foreigners to this climate, we thought maybe after several years of such winters, that perhaps we were still not acclimated to the depressingly long, wet, grey winters. However we have had many friends and colleagues confirm that it was in fact a long one. Thank god that spring has finally arrived.

We have been hitting the parks awfully hard, eating a lot of asparagus, and now strawberries are finally fully in season. It has been a busy month or so with colleagues from the US over for our user conference. Naturally we had to take them out to the Black Forest for a day.

Daniela invited us to her parent’s place to celebrate (one of many) spring wine festivals near Würzburg.

And we just got back from our annual spring weekend trip to the Black Forest.

I never forget why we choose to live here.

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