Spring Exuberance

Last year after such a terrible 2012 and its particularly long winter, I spoke of spring exuberance as the weather grew warmer and was so grateful for the change in season as well as the changes in our lives.

This year we are generally much happier, though that is not stopping a renewal of spring exuberance for 2014. The weather has been fantastic and we have been keeping busy.

We were just in Copenhagen where we met up with our old friends and neighbors Tom and Sandi, with whom we have met up with several times before during their travels. We unfortunately could not continue on with them to Sweden and Norway, but wish them the best and hope to meet up with them again on their next trip. And we extend a big thanks to Louisa and Dave for taking care of Heidi for us while we were in Copenhagen.

We also spent a beautiful weekend near Basel hiking in the mountains and strolling along the French border with Louisa and Dave.

Spring exuberance? I think it’s here to stay.

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