Spring at Wasserfallen

We are always excited to host guests and we were happy to receive Elise’s high school classmate, Israel, for an extended weekend. While we were happy to chill on Sunday as it was raining and cold outside, we grew nervous for Monday, fearing our plans for a hike would be thwarted.

Since we had been to Wasserfallen in the autumn, we thought we should head back now that it is spring. We were thrilled to wake up to it being dry, even if a bit overcast. Traveling up the gondola to the top of the mountain we found that the forest was swallowed by low-hanging clouds, giving a mystical feel. After a lunch in a hut at the top, we started the decent and were thrilled to see that the rains the day before had engorged the streams, making marvelous cascades all the way back down to the valley as the sky opened up to blue sky.

Elise and Israel were also able to enjoy a tour about Basel the next day including a walk along the Rhine. We had so many other ideas of things to do, hopefully Israel will be able to return so we can pick up on where we left off on our list.

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