Summer has been a crushing disappointment so far. We had a beautiful, early spring, but since then there has been a seemingly endless string of cold fronts bringing gloom, chills, and an unprecedented number of thunderstorms. In between we have caught glimpses of what we remember summer to be with a precious few cocktails on the patio, steak from the grill, or evening walk against a rose-gold sunset over the valley. We have tried to enjoy these as they have presented themselves, but overall it has not been a summer. And it has been impossible to plan a holiday around such weather, especially given our schedules.

However Elise never stops scheming planning and her ears perked up when our friend Vanessa mentioned that she and Myles were off for a weekend on Lake Sarnen. A few minutes later, Elise had booked a room for the two of us and we had invited ourselves along on their trip. It’s what friends are for. So I am told. I have few.

It was a beautiful weekend and was my first real hike of the season, enjoying beautiful views, streams bursting with spring melt, great food, and relaxing in the hotel baths in the afternoon.

When summer shows its head, seize it.

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