Renaissance Dork

Maintaining this website over the years has been a real joy for me. Sharing the adventures that we have is very rewarding and I look forward to continue to do so. It appeals to my love of writing and my geeky nature. And if you have been following this site for a while, you know that there is no shortage of examples of my geekiness on this website.

Therefore I am excited to announce Renaissance Dork! I have been fortunate to be able to reconnect with some of my geeky hobbies and interests in the past couple of years and will be the new home of my latest nerdy projects, musings, and discoveries. It is a personal rediscovery of nerdom and a celebration of curiosity. If you share any of my nerdy interests, please check it out.

And because curiosity is what drives Elise and me to continue to travel, discover, and understand, I will of course be maintaining as well. One site for our shared adventures and one site where I can let my dork flag fly.

I hope that you enjoy both. Stay curious and don’t stop learning.

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