Thanksgiving 2008

Per tradition, we once again held the famous Bohnert Family Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Surprisingly the crowd seemed a bit smaller this year. Even though we were planning on thirty people or so (which we had register for the party online), a lot of people had to cancel due to complications. Next year, I am going to charge a cancellation fee to mitigate this.

It was a great time once again with lots of great friends and food, just as Thanksgiving should be, even if it is in Germany.

Special thanks go out to our friend Peter, once again for taking all of these photos. I was wrestling with the bird and Elise was busy receiving guests, so we thought we should have someone else take photos for us. We love Peter’s work, so naturally we invited him. Actually I believe what Elise told him was, “you’re invited as long as you bring your camera.”

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