Slowly we are making progress on the list of countries we want to visit. Last year I was able tot take Elise to Sweden for Carl’s wedding (we still need to go back). This spring we took a trip to Portugal. And to keep things interesting and maintain the tradition of traveling together, Denise met us in Lisbon and we toured around the country together.

We had read that Portugal is a beautiful country with wonderful food and wine. This is true. This is very true and we enjoyed all of it.

Our trip started in Lisbon, took us out to the far-flung Alentejo region near the Spanish border, through the overrated Algarve, and back to Lisbon.

We also learned just how much we value peace, quiet, and doing nothing in particular in our old age. In the Alentejo Elise found a lake house in the middle of nowhere, and we really didn’t want to leave. Although the wellness spa run by Dutch hippies (seriously) in the mountains over the sea in the Algarve was nice, it was no lake house.

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