Lauterbrunnen 2010

Although I was lucky in that I did not have to do much traveling over the summer for work, the season did wear on and I began to grow tired of watching all of my colleagues and customers take a vacation as I was stuck at work. Luckily we had planned a much-anticipated trip back to Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland where we would meet my cousin Jess and her fiancee who were traveling about Italy, Switzerland, and Germany.

Lauterbrunnen is becoming somewhat of a standing tradition for us, and for good reason. We were very lucky with the weather as it did not rain on us. However there was a freak snowfall already in the year, which did prevent some hiking that I wanted to do around Schynige Platte, giving me a good reason to go back.

We were glad to get to meet up with Jess and Cheryl and wish them the best with their wedding plans. We hope to welcome them back some day.

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