Rügen is an island on the Baltic Sea cost of Germany with Denmark to the west and Poland to the east. It is one of the premier holiday destinations for Germans within Germany. It was actually kind of strange being on Rügen since it is mostly a destination for Germans. Unlike other tourist destinations throughout Germany, menus were only in German, and the only other language we heard spoken was by a few French people. It was very refreshing.

I suppose the best comparison for people in the US to Rügen would be the islands and coasts of the Carolinas. Sand, surf, and lighthouses. And oh so much wonderful seafood. Rügen is one of the more beautiful places in Germany, but I could not imagine actually coming during the summer as it would be choked with, well, Germans.

I would like to go back in the Summer to swim at the beautiful beaches, but I couldn’t imagine driving on this island during the actual high season. There are only two-way federal roads on the island, all picturesquely lined with trees which makes the roads themselves somewhat of a landmark, but also makes driving a bit nerve wracking.

All in all though, Rügen was a beautiful place to spend a vacation.

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