Christmas 2010

You might recall that that we have been to Durbach a few times to do some hiking through its vineyards. I had said that one day we need to also spend a weekend in the famous Hotel Ritter, which is also located in Durbach. Elise had stroke of brilliance as we tried to figure out what to do for the holiday since her father wouldn’t be visiting: finally stay at Hotel Ritter.

It was wonderful. Two five course meals, a winter hike through the valley, cake and coffee high in the vineyards, and of course enjoying the spa and library of the hotel. A very good Christmas gift to ourselves. I was pretty sure that Elise was going to hit me for saying “this is great” too many times, but she was understanding.

And we could not have asked for better weather. Although I was very concerned about getting there on Christmas eve after the fresh snowfall, Durbach was glorious under the snow.

And now I can say that I spent the night in the same hotel where Karl Lagerfeld signed his name to the guestbook. They even have his grotesque mugshot hanging in the lobby, with the sole purpose of scaring off the children of poor people.

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