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For me spring has often brought much more than an end to winter and pleasant weather. In addition to longer days, crocuses, and the return of fresh berries at the market, spring has in recent years often signaled changes to my life, often manifesting itself in or leading to some form of exuberance. In keeping with this annual event, it is only appropriate then that I welcome you to our new website from our new home in Switzerland.

Living the bachelor life for over a year with Elise working in Switzerland and me in Germany wore on the both of us. Toward the end of last year we resolved to get the band back together. Making such a large decision was not easy, but the possibility to live together again made things clear. And since the move and settling in, the wisdom of our decision has only been repeatedly confirmed.

Elise is from the city and though I am a small-town kid, I also grew up in an urban environment. However after living in the city center for so many years, we both knew it was time to move out to the countryside. And although we don’t now have our own farm, we can see horses from our kitchen window and hear cowbells from the neighboring pasture in the evening. We now live in a village of about 1200 people that dates back to the eleventh century, though our house is relatively new at only around 120 years old (at a minimum, no one is sure). The smell of the grass, the blossoms of the fruit trees, the stars at night, and the utter peace of the place are things I haven’t enjoyed since I was a kid on grandma and grandpa’s farm.

Seeing as though we haven’t lived in a house in over ten years, we have no tools with which to keep a garden or yard and our knowledge of gardening and home maintenance is limited at best. Never fear, because we also have the best neighbors one could hope for who have so far, shoveled our snow, tilled our part of the garden, built a fence around our patio so we can let Heidi out, and are continuing to water our lettuce and give us tips on what to plant. We just had them over for coffee and pie (rhubarb from the garden) to say a small thank-you.

It wasn’t easy leaving behind the established life that we had built in Germany. But nearly every day, I am reminded in some way not that life here is better, but that life together is better. And we can together enjoy the excitement and adventure of building something new and wonderful here.

Spring exuberance? I think it’s here to stay.

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