I am really enjoying the onset of autumn. Waking up as it just begins to turn light and taking Gusti for a morning walk through the cold fog with the smell of wet leaves and wood smoke in the air is refreshing and the turning of the seasons always excites me. Which is a bit surprising given the lack of a proper summer this year. Maybe it was that Elise planned such a great warm weather escape for us to Mallorca, or maybe I just really like the fall. Either way, I welcome the cold weather, turning leaves, and first bowl of pumpkin soup and whiff of raclette.

But as Elise already and rightly pointed out, we need to take advantage of the fair weather while it stays with us. Our friend Janiza was of the same opinion and pointed out great forecast for the weekend and suggested we should hike around Oeschinensee.

We had been meaning to return to Kandersteg and we were excited to return and finally hike around the lake so we met Janiza with Myles and Vanessa in Kandersteg early in the morning and Gusti was ready for a hike.

Oeschinensee is a beautiful, blue, high alpine lake above Kandersteg in the Bernese Highlands. It is also one of the most accessible alpine lakes in Switzerland making it a bit crowded at times. However we simply took one of the more difficult paths high above the lake and the people quickly became more sparse. It also became apparent why it is such an attraction. It is picturesque in almost ever respect, surrounded by craggy peaks in almost every direction. It was especially striking with the turning leaves in the slanting, late season sunlight.

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