Western Highlands

14 Year

In contrast to the smokiness I had grown accustomed to, this malt was a refreshing change. Oban has a reputation for being a bit restrained, but the fresh peat touch, mild maltiness, and whiff of sea air made this one very pleasant.

And I also made a big fan of my friend Jamal, who kept asking for a refill. As a matter of fact, he remembered it between visits and asked for it by name the second time, ending up finishing the bottle for me.

And that is the wonderful thing about whisky: you feel good sharing it and are excited to see how others react. You want to know their opinion and know what they taste in it. I would say that I should buy another bottle of it for the next time Jamal comes to visit, but I think I will venture out and find another label. I am sure we can find something else he likes.

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