You know how sometimes while you are enjoying a great meal, you already start talking about another recipe that you are looking forward to making or a new restaurant that you are looking forward to trying? No? Maybe it’s a problem that I need to do something about.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, while we were enjoying getting away to the mountains with our friends Steve and Vanessa to escape the monotony of COVID, we were already talking about the next place that they wanted to take us: Murgsee.

So we packed up everything needed for a day in the Alps for humans and dog and headed out to enjoy a day of soaring granite peaks, green Alpine meadows, crashing water, and serene mountain lakes.

Mürtschental is a Swiss nature preserve straddling the border of the cantons of Glarus and St. Gallen. After hiking up nearly 300 meters along the Gsponbach waterfall, the valley opens up and we followed the Gsponbach for kilometers through wetland, pastures, meadow, and Swiss pine (Pinus cembra) forest up to the Murgseefurggel pass at 1985 meters (6500 feet) to the Murgsee.

Murgsee is actually three lakes that cascade into each other with the water flowing between in a series of waterfalls, multitude streams, and high Alpine marsh. It is a pristine nature reserve whose awe-inspiring beauty is only underscored by the silence of its romantic isolation.

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