After over eighteen months of COVID-19 and a summer that was a crushing disappointment, we were desperate for a sunny escape. Ticino was beautiful but soggy and our weekend in Vella was wonderful but too short. Though we love where we live, we were in dire need of an escape from our four walls and the constant cold and rain of 2021’s non-summer summer.

Working within the confines of the pandemic, considering what was open and what was considered safe, Elise came up with a few ideas. One of which was Mallorca. Having lived in Germany for so long, we have been deliberately avoiding it. The mediterranean island is the place that EVERYONE goes on vacation. Kind of like Florida but with fewer alligators, less obesity, and a different Spanish dialect. It is often jokingly called the seventeenth federal state of Germany and it is just too touristy.

So we thought.

Our old friend and colleague, Joachim, had often encouraged us to go, but we resisted. We kind of thought that Tenerife was the only island escape we needed. However as Elise dug more into it and spoke with her colleagues and got recommendations, Mallorca was starting to look compelling. In the end we decided to give it a try and with a rough itinerary and a booking at a hotel that had just opened, we were nervous but excited when we landed.

It was wonderful. The waters are azure blue, the countryside varied and beautiful, the villages quiet and lovely, and the people so very friendly. And the hotel…

Oh the hotel.

It had just opened the month before and there was some remaining landscaping work that they were doing, but honestly I am not sure how much more they can gild the lily. The place was already amazing, located in a quiet corner of the countryside less than a kilometer from the beach at the edge of a national park. The room was beautiful, the staff was so helpful and attentive, and the chef gave us no reason to wish to dine anywhere else. Maybe ever.

We swam in sapphire clear coves, sampled local wines, wandered ancient villages, and even visited some caves. And there is still so much to do.

Guess we’ll just have to go back. Chef Juan is waiting.

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