Long may you run

It is a sad day for many of us today. I just learned from Burger that he has finally sold the Malibu.

I nearly fell over when he told me as that car holds so many shared memories. However, it has been sitting rusting into place for years now. When a man offered him only $100 less than what he originally paid for the car in order to use it for parts to restore his own 1977 Malibu, how could he say no?

I have been doing a lot of thinking about that car however. The magic bunny. The CB radio that we used to keep in touch with each other and Dragline. The blowout on the way back from the Horde music festival. Doing donuts in the high school parking lot and nearly ending up withe the car sliding off into the woods. Installing a new stereo system with the use of Allen’s ingenuity and sheer will power. Borrowing it that one night to drive home after a party (I still don’t know how he got himself home). The second blowout the week after the blowout coming back from Horde on the way to Evansville.

That car held so many memories. I can only think of Neil Young at times like this:

…with your chrome heart shining in the sun, long may you run.

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