It’s not that I am employed in any profession traditionally regarded as risky such as bodyguard, bomb defuser, drug test patient, or human shield.  However, I still managed to break my elbow about a month ago.

Recovering nicely

On my way to catch a train for work, I managed to trip and crack my elbow on the sidewalk. After a few weeks with it in a cast and some therapy, I have regained almost all mobility. A positive upshot was that I did not have to travel for work for four weeks as I recovered (though I of course worked in the office) since it is nice to stay home with the wife and dog. However, because I was traveling for work with a colleague who actually watched me fall, the whole office knew what happened. I didn’t even have a chance to make up some thrilling story about how I was hiking and had to wrestle with a bear. Okay, so the bear might have been hard to sell, but sitting at home that first night in pain, I am sure I could have come up with something. Despite everything, I was in pretty positive spirits (see illustration).

And yes Greg, I was able to execute a one-handed faux hawk successfully.

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