Although it seemed as though we had just returned home from Mallorca, Elise rightly pointed out that the number of fair days remaining this year was quickly dwindling. So we decided to sieze the upcoming weekend to take in part of the harvest in Switzerland’s most famous wine region, Lavaux.

Situated on Lake Geneva, the Lavaux region has been producing wine since Roman times, using some of the steepest vineyards in the world with terraces over 1000 years old. Due to nearly impossibly steep terrain, almost all of the harvest in this UNESCO-protected region is still to this day done by hand.

We roamed the villages and vineyards, tasting the products of a few producers and had a great time despite the gray, overcast skies. It was chilly, but dry and great to be able to get out for a few more days before the season really turned. It was a lovely weekend and we can always return to enjoy it in the sun.

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