Hiking in the time of COVID

We are incredibly fortunate to live where we do. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has only been made even clearer to us.

We have our garden for a place to go and relax. When that is not sufficient we just take off for a walk through the valley. We have the best neighbors one could ask for, always there to help when they can. With all of this, it has been much easier for us to cope with the situation than others and for this we are grateful. Add Gusti to that and we have managed to keep our sanity for the most part.

However after three months, we were starting to get a bit stir-crazy. With fair weather came more opportunities for hiking. And hiking is a social distancing-friendly activity. Knowing that Gusti was eager to anywhere with us, we laced up our boots and headed out.

First we spent most of our time in the region enjoying the Jura range. But as the number of newly-infected cases dropped off a cliff, we finally ventured out to the proper Alps for a weekend. It was a wonderful time with wonderful friends. Incredibly, after 20 km Gusti was ready for more.

We are so very fortunate.

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