Hey, it’s beginning to snow…

A long running joke between Elise and me is how every time our parents call, no matter which parent it is who calls, they always ask about the weather. As if it matter thousands of miles away. No matter, we usually explain how it is and with my folks it always seems as though that they ask how different the weather patterns are here compared to St. Louis. In the past, I have had a good answer: Much milder than St. Louis with the same distinct seasons. Well that was pretty much true, but with the snow that is falling right now, I think I have found a better explanation. Take St. Louis’ weather pattern, remove all the miserableness, and you have the weather in Karlsruhe. Four distinct seasons, and not as hot or nearly as humid in the summer and not as cold in the winter. However, much like St. Louis, within any particular distinct season, the previous or following season can stay longer or begin earlier, respectively.  Or any of the other three seasons can make a cameo appearance any where through another season.

That being said, I do rather like the snow as it is falling now. It was nice taking the dog for a walk in the silence that the snow brings. And nothing is as comforting to me as the rose-colored sky at night as the snow falls. That certain glow of snow in the night sky is pleasant in a strange way.

Jesus. I just wrote a blog post about the weather. I need to hang out with a younger, hipper crowd.

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