Harris & Glasgow

David and Louisa are two good friends and neighbors of ours with whom we share two passions: whisky and snark. We have wiled away many hours in each other’s kitchens imbibing fine malts and cracking wise. They recently described to us a new distillery that they had discovered on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and invited us along to join them on their next trip

Although I have spent some time in Aberdeen and Edinburg for work and Elise and I were able to meet some friends in Inverness a couple of years ago, we hadn’t been able to truly enjoy the wild nature of Scotland. Harris offered us just that. Green fields, gray granite, blue skies, azure seas, and spring wildflowers of every color interspersed with the vibrant gold and strangely coconut scent of blooming gorse surrounded us as we hiked to discover hidden inlets and lone lighthouses. The weather couldn’t have been better, but even though we can’t count on that for the next trip, we are looking forward to the fine food, spirits, and friendly people.

As a native Glaswegian, Louisa had to show us a bit of her fine city as well to round out the trip. Although Glasgow saw some very hard times in the eighties and nineties, the amazing and opulent architecture of its heydays still abound. It is not every day one can enjoy tea in a one-hundred year old tearoom designed by C. R. Macintosh.

Thank you David and Louisa for a wonderful trip. When are we going back?

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