First Snow in Wasserfallen

This weekend as our guest we had our friend Lee, whom we befriended in our former lives. We were apprehensively watching the weather all week, and when it was finally Saturday, it looked dodgy. But we decided to push our luck and headed out to Wasserfallen (where we’ve been a few times now) to try to hike. Though it was raining ever so lightly as we arrived, we noticed that the trees at the tops of the mountain were covered in snow. Apparently as it snowed in the valley the night before, it snowed on the very top of the mountain. Although it was overcast and foggy, the snow along with the autumn foliage made for some beautiful scenery. It was a terrific surprise. I went from being disappointed and a bit grumpy about the weather to completely excited and enamored by what the same weather could do.

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