Emerald Coast

The weird times are still with us, but with a hopeful break from COVID this summer, I took every opportunity that presented itself to plan some travel. When a classmate from the tourism college in Zürich reached out, saying she was looking for a travel companion this summer, I jumped at the chance. After a couple of Zoom discussions and plenty of research, Sonja and I were ready to depart for Sardinia, Italy’s second-largest island.

Despite our many years in Europe, Chris and I have mostly avoided the Mediterranean as it can be quite overrun by tourists, mostly of the German throw-a-beachtowel-over-every-lounge-chair and English red-as-a-lobster-but-still-somehow-belligerent varieties. However after our trip to Mallorca last year, we realized that we had been missing out. Not only do the beaches and crystal-clear water rival those of the Caribbean, but is is so close that it really is an ideal choice for a week’s get-away. And if you time it properly, you can easily avoid the crowds.

Sonja and I spent a week on the Costa Smeralda, or Emerald Cost, in the northern part of the island, enjoying swimming in turquoise-blue waters, exploring the smaller islands by sailboat, enjoying copious amounts of fantastic local food and wine, all while puttering around in a Fiat 500. Of course.

Thanks for a great trip, Sonja!

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