Cape Winelands

It was a long winter. And though we had some wonderful snow this year, as it always seems to do, winter drug on. As we have done for many years, we decided to escape to warmer climes during the paradoxically endless days of the shortest month. Elise had spent some time reviewing destinations in the tropics and south of the equator. However on reflecting on the expansions that we had made to the wine cellar this past year, I remembered how much we has enjoyed our last trip to South Africa, especially the cape winelands.

This year we kept it simple, flying into Cape Town and immediately heading out to the winelands. We stayed for a week in Paarl in a seventeenth century manor home in the middle of vineyards before heading to Stellenbosch for another week, all the while traveling from vineyard to vineyard, exploring the landscape, history, and of course viticulture of the western cape. Once again we were amazed by the wonderful produce of the country, the stunning vistas, and remarkably warm and friendly people.

Now while I sit at home in the rainy cold of February, going through our photos, we remember the warmth of that remarkable country and its people while we plan our next trip.


  1. Beautiful country!🌟😊

  2. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a fabulous trip. It has been added to my list…

  3. Chocolate, wine, nature, sun… what a wonderful vacation! Thank you for sharing the photos… I have got to talk to Chris about how he set this site up… feeling inspired to do the same 🙂

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