Caol Ila

Islay, North Shore

Caol Ila
12 Year

Personally I think it would be an understatement to say that Caol Ila is related to its southern cousin, Lagavulin. The smokiness that they share is undeniable, but more subdued in Caol Ila. Perhaps not so much smoky as more of a burnt grass nose. Slightly sweeter than Lagavulin, it has a lot more flavors that seem to come out on the palate. Some very faint vanilla and other spices. Perhaps a whiff of juniper?

Wow. Just listen to me. I fear I may be beginning to take this (and myself) a little too seriously. The important part about this is that it is GOOD.

A great whisky and stands best on its own in the evening. Warming, and ideal for the winter.

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