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We of course love to travel. It has been a while however since we had the pleasure of hosting friends or family for any long period of time, and though we have not forgotten how much fun it was, it is still surprising just how much joy we get in playing tour guide. And indeed it was a fantastic two weeks we spent with my cousin Jeanene and her husband Deavron in Switzerland, Germany, and France.

There are many reasons we love where we live and one is its location at the three-country border, making day trips to Alsace in France, the Black Forest in southern Germany, or to the Swiss Alps all possible. And of course we had the schedule packed with all of these destinations as well as Lake Constance and the falls on the Rhine river, all thanks to Elise’s meticulous planning, started last year when we met my cousin in San Francisco. It was a busy two weeks and I would be lying if I didn’t say that its was tiring, but every day was so much fun, not only because we were doing things we love to do, but also seeing someone enjoy those same experiences for the first time.

Thanks for the great time, Jeanene and Deavron. Let’s do this again.

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