Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd

12 Year

In this Bowmore I think I have found the perfect balance between malt and smokey for my palate. Reading a little about Bowmore, I have found that it is the captial (if you can use such a word) of Islay. Unlike its cousins such as Lagavulin and Caol Ila, which I respect and adore for their assault of smokiness, Bowmore I find to be more approachable and drinkable for all occasions offering both a caramel note along with just enough peaty smokiness. Although I have to be in the mood for these extremely smoky malts, Bowmore is something I think a person can enjoy at any time. Although I prefer a rather sweet malt directly after dinner, this is a malt that you can round an evening out with, after a pause after the table has been cleared. You might also say that it has picked up more of the sea air than its counterparts as well.

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