Between Grapes and Grain

I’ve mentioned how autumn is my favorite time for hiking. And though we have not hit peak foliage change yet, last weekend was still a perfect example of fabulous fall days.

We had been wanting to meet up with our friends Thorsten and Verena for a while and as luck would have it, Verena chose a hiking route on Kaiserstuhl, one of our favorite regions in Germany on the edge of the Black Forest, where we could meet up. Kaiserstuhl is famous in Germany for its wines and the vines that lined the slopes and ridges of Kaiserstuhl were turning vibrant golds and reds while the corn that lined the valleys was dry and golden, rustling in the light breeze. It was an opulent palette of color and we had a terrific hike though it.

To make the afternoon perfect, we enjoyed a picnic amongst the vines.

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