Autumn Hikes

Autumn is here and we are being treated to some of the finest weather I have seen during October in some time. We are making use of it, getting out as much as possible for a stroll. Vibrant, colorful autumns are something I truly miss here. Growing up in the midwest there was usually at least a week when trees were just set ablaze and it was marvelous to be outside. It is something to do with the weather and latitude I suppose because autumn just isn’t as pretty here. However this year has been exceptional and we have been enjoying it as much as possible.

We recently took a hike from Durlach, just outside of Karlsruhe to Kleinsteinbach. We also thought it would also be a great opportunity to finally get back to Grünhütte via Wildseemoor in the Black Forest. We hope that this weather continues even as the leaves dwindle.

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