It’s a healthy exercise to occasionally take stock of what one has and be thankful. A good job, great colleagues, and living in a wonderful place all serve as great examples that I am fortunate enough to have. And sometimes many of these blessings come together to make one doubly thankful. For example, last Friday I spent the afternoon hiking in the Murg river valley in the Black Forest with colleagues.

My colleague Bernd seems to be a wealth of knowledge of the area and has many ideas of activities for team-building outside of the office. This time he decided to take us to Schönmünzach in the Murg river valley (Murgtal) and lead us on a hike on the valley basin to the small town of Schwarzenberg. It wouldn’t be a hike in the Black Forest without a stop at a forest hütte (hut) for a beer and a beautiful view of the valley.  With another stop at a spring fountain, which also offered chilled wine as well as spring water, our hike was well-rounded. Not bad for a Friday afternoon.

We are already looking forward to the next excursion in September.

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