Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd
Western Lowlands

Auchentoshan Select
No age statement

This is the first bottle of scotch whisky I bought, hence the lack of photo. When I consciously decided to start learning about whiskies, I (like any good geek) bought a book. I found Michael Jackson’s Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch. He recommended Lowland malts as a good place to start as they are not as challenging to the tongue, but still pleasant and complex.

He was correct. Today, when I sip Auchentoshan, I find it startlingly modest in comparison to the Skye whiskies I have come to love. Not only in taste, but also in color. It is a bright gold, very bold but not rich and deep like many. However, modesty does not translate to blandness. It is relaxing to drink and has a warm, sweet nose that is nice after a meal.

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