Amateur Chiropterologists

When we first visited Mauritius, I said that I would return just to watch the flying foxes again. Of course Mauritius gave us multitude reasons to return. And because we had good reason to make this year’s annual escape from winter extra special, of course we had to go back to that marvelous island.

Last time we spent most of our time in the Black River Gorge. It was so gorgeous and our hotel was so fantastic that we started our trip there again. However we wanted to see some more of the country, so for the second half we traveled north and stayed directly on the beach.

Once again the sights were jaw-dropping, the nature fascinating, and the people amazingly friendly. One thing I had forgotten however was how good the food was. As a mash-up of French, Indian, African, and Chinese, it is as vibrant as the rest of the country.

Of course one thing we did not forget were the flying foxes. We spent every night watching them as they came out to dance for us in the evening sky.

I’d return again just to see the bats. But also for so much more.

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