As the dog days of summer began to wear on, we decided that we needed another escape to the mountains for a respite from the heat, working from home, and to see some more of Switzerland.

We have kept very busy this summer, enjoying lots of great hikes with friends and trying to do as much as reasonable under COVID conditions. We were in need of a proper vacation, however. An actual getaway. And Elise found another wonderful place in what is becoming one of our favorite destinations: the canton of Grisons.

Grisons is the largest and easternmost canton of Switzerland, firmly seated in the Alps and as such can be one of the more remote parts of the country with some valley communities still today only tenuously connected by roads over passes accessible for part of the year. This isolation gave rise to a unique culture and language, being home to the Romansh language, derived from the vulgar Latin once spoken. This unique history and stunning natural beauty offered us the escape we needed. Elise found us a wonderful apartment in a 130 year old hotel in the valley of Müstair (only a valley away from Scuol) and we spent the week hiking the surrounding peaks.

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