A Passion for Tenerife

You may have noticed that we return to Tenerife time and time again when we need an escape. This year in order to flee the seemingly endless days of winter we decided to return to the island of perpetual spring.

Tenerife enchants us for many reasons. Its multitude microclimates allow for so many different types of experiences. From the sunny warmth of the tropics while strolling through a banana plantation to hiking through the chilly mists of mountains lost in the fog, Tenerife offers so much compelling scenery along with some great wine, food, and the laid back atmosphere that you only find on an island.

This year we happened to visit over Easter weekend and like most predominantly Catholic countries, Spain pulls out all the stops for Easter. As is tradition in a lot of Spanish towns there were passion parades all day on Good Friday which made for a strangely somber but celebratory atmosphere.

The best part was the serendipity of this trip as we hadn’t even thought about Holy Week when we booked. Tenerife continues to surprise and delight, which is why it is only a matter of time before we return. Again.

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